Next Meeting

Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 7:00PM

The next Caswell County Beekeepers Association (CCBA) monthly meeting will be held from 7:00PM to 8:30PM on Thursday, September 28, 2017, in the basement of the Agriculture Building next to the Historic Courthouse in downtown Yanceyville, NC.  For location, click on “Directions” tab above.

Mr. Robert Neal, CCBA President, will be our speaker.  His topic will be  “Healthy bees are happy bees – Fall management, preparing for Winter.

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Topics of our meetings this year:

  • January 26 Are you ready?  Bee season checklist [Speaker:  Mr. David Bailey, Bailey Bee Supply]
  • February 23 Protecting the pollinator – Apiary registration and BeeCheck [Speaker:  Mr. Pat Jones, NCDA&CS Pesticides Section]
  • March 23 Let it flow – preparing for nectar flow [Speaker: Mr. Todd Walker, NCSBA Master Beekeeper]
  • April 27 Hunters and gatherers – Food and water sources for your bees [Speaker: Mr. Phil Barfield, NCSBA Master Beekeeper]
  • May 25 Liquid gold – honey harvesting, bottling, labeling requirements and marketing tips [Speaker:  Mr. Randall Austin, NCSBA Master Beekeeper]
    June 22 Ouch! bee stings [Speaker:  Mrs. Elizabeth Barfield]
  • July 27 Mighty mite – IPM for varroa control [Speaker: Mr. Will Hicks, NC State Apiary Inspector for Caswell County]
  • August 24 The armored intruder – small hive beetles
  • September 28 Healthy bees are happy bees – Fall management, preparing for Winter
  • October 26 As seen on TV – show and tell by members

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