Bee Course Materials

Full binder file:


Breakout of each session:

1 Introduction to Beekeeping

2018 cover



2 Equipment


3 About the honey bee


4 The colony


5 Starting a Honey Bee Colony


6 Bees’ enemies, pests, and diseases


7 Food and water for your bees


8 Products of the hive


9 Managing your bees


10 Field Day

2018 Field Day Schedule – Mar 31



Receipts as of 1-14-18

Best Value order 2018 b


Other files:

Tab labels


2019 Bee course interest list

course binder spline


Revisions to be made each year:

  1.  Revise dates on cover, introduction, housekeeping announcements
  2. Revise course schedule – dates, instructors, topics covered
  3. Update CCBA, NCSBA, Apiary inspector, Brushy, Dadant info and bee purchase list
  4. Review each section and add/remove, update information as necessary


Copying recommendations:

  1. Portrait orientation
  2. 8.5 in x 11 in paper
  3. 24# Hammermill Laser Bond paper
  4. Double sided (flip on long side)
  5. Black and white copies
  6. Assemble into a single file to be downloaded on copier’s website
  7. Insert blank pages for proper page breaks between sections
  8. Beginning pages in all sections of the binder should have odd page numbers so that they are the first page you see when turning the tab.
  9. Ensure all pages are turned the right way in the file (portrait)
  10. Select option for 3-hole paper punched
  11. Allow at least 2 weeks for printing and delivery (expect delays due to weather)